Bodmin Jail – Historic Jail to Luxury Hotel

The thought of spending a night or two in the cells isn’t most people’s idea of a luxury break. However, if you’d like to treat yourself to a luxury stay in a quiet and peaceful location, Bodmin Jail Hotel may just be your perfect getaway.

Situated on the edge of Bodmin Moor, a beautiful, windswept landscape steeped in Cornish history and legend, Bodmin jail is one of Britain’s most famous, or should we say infamous, landmarks.


As you’d guess, the jail has a dark and brooding past. Its thick stone walls once housed prisoners convicted for nefarious crimes such as murder, burglary, and arson as well as debt and naval crimes. It has also overseen the executions of 55 men and women, the last one of which took place in 1909.

But the jail, originally built in 1779, was actually a state-of-the-art prison at the time, being the very first prison in Briton to provide individual cells, segregated sections for men and females, and hot water.

In 1927, the jail finally closed and two years later it was sold for demolition. But the jail wasn’t about to give up that easily! The stone walls were so thick that dynamite only succeeded in blowing off the roof.

Abandoned and left to ruin for nearly a century, the former jail has now been transformed into a historical family attraction with luxury hotel accommodation. Three single cells now form one spacious room but many of the original characteristics and historical details of the building still remain. There are even bars on the windows!

Dine in the chapel restaurant or sip cocktails in the Champaign bar and to make your stay extra special you can order champagne, chocolates, hampers, and more…

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