5 DIY Jobs You Should Never Do Yourself

‘In need of modernisation’. This is something we’ve all read in estate agent marketing materials and we all know that phrase can mean anything from ‘hasn’t been decorated since the 70s’ to ‘has a roof but that’s about it’. 

Everywhere from property auctions in Wales to estate agents in West London will have properties in need of modernisation on their books. 

For many potential buyers, this is exactly the type of property they’re looking for. Properties in need of modernisation are often on the market for much lower than other properties the same size in the area and buyers willing to take the work on can get a house at a good price. 

How far should you go at renovating a property yourself though? You might think you’re a dab hand at DIY but there are some jobs that should definitely be left to the professionals. Not just because they’ll do a better job than you but because some DIY jobs can be dangerous if attempted by someone unqualified. 

We’ll look at five DIY jobs you should never do yourself. 


We’re sure we don’t need to tell you what can happen if you mess up doing the electrics in your house. Any level of electrical current can kill and dodgy electrics can eventually lead to fires that could be responsible for fatalities if the electric shock didn’t get you first. 

In the UK, there are some electrical jobs that must be signed off by the local authority if done yourself – e.g. installing a consumer unit (that’s a fuse box in old money). 

Rewiring a house, replacing a light fitting or installing an electric oven really is best left to the professionals if you want to make sure they’re done safely. In fact, we strongly recommend you hire a registered electrician for any electrical work that’s more challenging than changing a plug. 


Like electric, a bodge job on anything to do with gas can have devastating repercussions. You should always use a Gas Safe registered engineer for any gas-related work in your home. All businesses dealing with gas must be registered on the Gas Safe register by law. 

If you do attempt to, say, install a gas oven by yourself and you suspect a gas leak, open all windows and doors and call a professional immediately. 


You may not think plumbing always requires a plumber. After all, it’s not as dangerous or scary as messing around with gas or electricity. You’d be wrong though, as messing around with the plumbing when you don’t 100% know what you’re doing can cause flooding or water damage that can lead to other problems.

Some minor plumbing jobs such as bleeding a radiator, unblocking a toilet or changing a shower head can be done yourself but for anything bigger such as installing a dishwasher or a new bathroom, you should get a professional plumber in. 

We know YouTube videos make plumbing look easy but, depending on the age of your house, you could have all manner of different types of pipework running through your home. The YouTube video you just watched may not be right for your type of plumbing but your plumber will know what they’re doing. 

Internal walls

It’s easy to think an internal wall is just a partition and isn’t doing anything other than dividing up rooms into smaller spaces. 

But unless you put that internal wall up by yourself, you have no idea what’s hiding behind or within it. There could be wires or pipes running through the wall or the wall could be load-bearing, meaning it’s supporting the upper levels of your house. 

If the wall is load-bearing and you remove it, you could be leaving your house structurally unsound and at risk of the roof collapsing or the ceiling caving in. 

Always get the advice of a structural engineer before getting your sledgehammer out to knock two rooms into one. 


Poor old Rod Hull. If only he’d got a professional in to go up on the roof to fix that aerial, Emu wouldn’t be an orphan now. 

It takes training and experience to climb ladders and balance at height. One little slip of concentration can lead you to wobble and fall off the roof. 

Don’t be like Rod. Get a professional in for any work that you need doing on the roof. 

There are plenty of DIY jobs that you can do yourself but, for anything potentially dangerous either to you or your property, always call a professional in. It’ll save you money in the long run.

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